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Wheel Guard Unit
The wheel guard dresser is adaptable to quills of 3" to 3 1/2" diameters and includes a 2-piece wheel guard and inverted base. The inverted base has compound micrometer lead screws for diamond infeed and crossfeed to maintain position in relation to the grinding wheels. Special adapters can be supplied for those surface grinders without provision for mounting on the quill.

Additional features are a spring-loading pin in the feed mechanism to enable quick removal of the dresser after operation is completed. A portion of the cover may be adjusted into position providing full wheel guard protection. This design enables dressing of wheels without movement from work position.



Under the Wheel Fixture
Optional base for use on surface grinders for dressing under the wheel. Base is supplied for models F, E, and H dressers (Part No.10502). Supplied with 1 316 travel micrometer infeed. (Part No.10503).



Form Checker & Holder
Holder attachment for checking profile on the wheel. Form Checkers available in a package of 50. (Form Checker Holder Part No. 10800. Form Checkers Part No. 10801)



Solid Angle Ramp
Special adapter base with micrometer feed that will adapt the Fluidmotion Wheel Dresser to a cylindrical or universal grinder. Dressers can be adapted to all manufacturers makes of grinders. See photo for a typical example. For universal grinders adapters are designed to enable dressing of both OD and ID wheels. Consult factory for proper dresser recommendations and Solid Angle Ramp design. (E Series Part No. 10501, F Series Part No 10500).



180° Concave Radius Attachment
(Part No. 11021) This attachment, used in conjuction with our Fluidmotion Dressers, can cut 180 U-shaped radii down to .032. The attachment includes three diamonds for 1/16, 3/32 and 1/8 minimum radii, holder and gooseneck diamond support.

Additional diamonds available for obtaining 3/64 and 1/32 minimum radii (Part No. 11021).


Swing Stops
Optional stops add two additional angles. Provides ability to stop on center and produce a flat across the wheel. Available on E, F and H models (Part No.10506).




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