Material Safety Data Sheet

HP-919 High Pressure Lubricant
With Molybdenum Disulfide


Section 1

Product Number: 35001 Product Name: HP-919 High Pressure Lubricant
Chemical Name: Mixture Chemical Family: Lubrication Grease

Section 2 Hazardous Ingredients

Proprietary combination not tested as a whole for toxicity. Largely mineral oil with an established TLV of 5 MG/M3 oil mist in are.
Acute Toxicity: Essentially a non-hazardous product. Most toxic component reports an oral LD 50 ratio of 14.9 GN/KG
Caution: May be an eye irritant

Section 3 - Physical Data

Boiling Point: >600 degree F. Specific Gravity: 1.02
Vapor Pressure: <.1 % Volatile: Not determined
Water Solubility: Negligible pH: N/A
Appearance: Dark Gray Grease  

Section 4 - Fire and Explosion Hazard Data

Flash Point: 530 degree F
UEL & LEL Flammable Rate: Not Determined
Extinguish Media: CO2 foam, dry chemical foam, sand, earth, water fog
Special Fire Fighters Procedures: Use air supplied breathing apparatus for enclosed areas.
Unusual Fire and Extinguishing Hazards: Do not apply water stream directly into open flame.

Section 5 - Stability

Stability: Stable
Conditions to avoid: High heat, high energy ignition sources
Incompatibility: Strong oxidizing agents, oxygen, and chlorine
Hazardous Decomposition: Oxides of carbon, sulfur, antimony, and nitrogen

Section 6 - Health Hazard Date

Threshold Value and Sources: 5.0/mg/m3 for oil mist
Effects of Over Exposure: If ingested in large amounts or repeatedly, damage to the cardiovascular system and respiratory tract can occur.
Emergency and First Aid Procedures:
Inhalation: Improbable, a semi-fluid material
Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. Call Physician
Skin: Wash with soap and water
Eyes: Moderate eye irritant; rinse with copious quantities or water. If irritation persists, call Physician.

Section 7 - Special Protection Procedures

Threshold Value and Sources: Normal plant ventilation
Gloves Protection: Oil impervious, if needed
Eye Protection: Goggles with side shield, if needed
Other Protection: Use good industrial hygienic practices

Section 8 - Spill and Leak Procedures

Contain and Recover: Pick up with shovel or trowel. Use oil absorbing materials to effect final clean up.
Waste Disposal Method: Use EPA licensed waste disposal contractor, EPA approval landfill or incinerate in an EPA approval manner.

Section 9 - Special Precautions

Store in closed containers away from heat, oxidizing agents and open flames.
Other Precautions: "Empty" containers retain residue. Do not weld or expose to heat, sparks, or open flames as they may explode.

Section 10 - Additional Health and Toxicological Data

HMIS & NFPA Code: Health=1    Fire=1    Reactivity=0
This product does not contain any of the chemicals listed on the National Toxicology Program Annual Reports on Carcinogens, The Agency for Cancer Research Monographs and OSHA's 1910.10 Subpart Z list.
This product does not contain any chemicals that are found on the stats of California;s Proposition 65 List for Chemicals classified as potential reproductive or cancer causing agent. All of the components in this material are on the US TSCA Inventory. All components are in compliance with the Canadian Environmental Act.

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Date prepared: January 4, 2016