Work Holding Devises

Set ups will be faster and easier because they eliminate the need for U-clamps and straps, different length studs and blocking and complicated clamping arrangements. There are no separate parts to be replaced.

"Dubl-Action" Jaw Clamps and
"Dubl-Action" Jaw Fixture Clamps

With only one adjusting screw providing all the force necessary to position and hold work piece, controlled gripping is fast and simple. During production runs, some clamps can be left in position while others are loosened for reloading and unloading.

Gripping will be vastly improved throughout our original "Double Action" design, Each turn of the adjusting screw brings the jaw in and sown, thrusting the work piece inward against an opposing clamp, and downward against the face plate or table. The result: a single powerful clamping action easily applied and controlled with no slippage regardless of the load.

Obstruction is minimized since the overall thickness of the clamp enables the work piece surface to the machined as low as 1/4" off the face plate of table Additionally, there are no tools to interfere in the working space.

Counter Clamps

You no longer need to use improvised and haphazard stops and locating devices. The counter clam, a J&S exclusive, assures a reliable, standardized alternative. IN and DOWN adjustable clamping action is provided at both ends of the work piece insuring that the work-piece will be totally stabilized during the full matching operation. Our entire line of J&S all purpose "Double Action" clamps are constructed from hardened and blackened steel. A special process designed to retard breakage and prevent flaws - guarantees a long life foe each clamp.


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